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  EYA, UN Women Organized Peace building Cultural events to foster understanding

Empower Youth Africa in partnership with Un Women Organized Peace building Cultural events to foster understanding and harmony among different section Groups

The activity aims to foster understanding and harmony among different section Groups create

Awareness raising on Climate change & Peaceful coexistence in Greater Pibor Administrative Area.

The cultural event organized by Empower Youth Africa in partnership with UN Women targeted 400 participants, 100 government stakeholders and Humanitarian agencies, and general public in Pibor Town and Five (5) Payams namely; Thangajon, Kavachoch, Lenyeriz, Akilo, and Manyirany in Pibor County of Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA).

The activity was officially opened and attended by Acting Chief Administrative Hon. Korok Nyial, RRC Chairperson, Ministry of Gender child and social welfare, Town Mayor, Peace Commission Representative and Chief Advisor, Community chiefs, Women and Youth Leaders , EYA’s Executive Director, UNOPS, VSF-Germany and IOM.

Acting Chief Administrator Hon. Korok Nyial, opened event with word of thanks to EYA and UN women for organizing colorful event in Pibor, He said such event has not been done by any organization in Pibor.

He emphases on the importance of promoting peace through Cultural dance and use of the beads for the beauty of our culture not for age set fight.

The acting Chief Administrator appeal to the UN women to continuous supporting people of GPAA through EYA,

EYA’s Executive Director, Mr. Garang Athian Deng thanked the government of GPAA and UN Women for supporting the implementation of EYA activities.

On his speech, he narrated the objectives of the project and the important of the cultural event in creating awareness raising on climate change challenges and promoting of Peaceful coexistence among the communities of Pibor.

He appealed to the government of GPAA and all humanitarian agencies in Pibor to work collectively with Empower Youth Africa.

Mr Peter Simon, the town mayor for Pibor stated that the cultural even was been stop because the generation has miss use the culture for violence instead of peace, happy for EYA for bringing this big cultural event to unite the difference group of the age set in a difference 5 payams,

He gain stated that, cattle keepers are to control animal from the firms to avoid conflict with the farmers and cattle keepers.

On separate note, Mr. Simon encouraged people of GPAA to send their children to school since Education is the key success and maintenance of peace among communities.

Mr James Chacha, the RRC Chair Person for GPAA stated that this cultural event has fostered peace among our communities, he said our people of GPAA should take the message of peace from this event which brought different age set group to dance together which has solved the cases of inter-generational conflicts, he was quoted say that age set groups used to dance differently but now see how unique this event is. He encouraged the people presence in the event to spread the spirit of togetherness in their communities.

He concluded his speech by thanking and appreciating EYA and UN Women for extending their support to GPAA.

The activity was carried out by EYA’s Team on ground in Pibor Town headed by Rose Sadia William the Project Officer and assisted by Sebit Thawan Ngongo the Community mobilizer.

Mrs. Sadia Rose William, the project Officer stated that Communities in Thangajon, Kavachoch, Lenyeriz, Akilo, and Manyirany are the most ones affected by conflict, faced with significant challenges that arise from the intersection of Climate change impacts and social tensions. Climate change has resulted in increased environmental vulnerabilities; such as droughts, floods, and unpredictable weather pattern, which directly affect the livelihoods and well-being of these Communities.

She said that, these Climate-related challenges, coupled with existing social tensions and conflicts, create a complex situation that hampers the Communities’ ability to achieve sustainable development, peace, and resilience. The conflict dynamics within these Communities further exacerbate the adverse impacts of Climate change, leading to displacement, resource scarcity, and increased vulnerability.

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