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Eastern Equatoria Condemns Attack On Road Workers

Jildo Aballa Remmy , EES minister of roads and bridges 16th September 2022 by Kabaka Quintous Leone

Eastern Equatoria state minister of roads and bridges Jildo Abala Remi has on Thursday condemned the gruesome killing of a road worker in Hiyalla payam of Torit County.

The deceased staff of R& U under winner’s construction company met his death when he was shot by unknown gunmen as they were transporting gravels from the excavation site to the road

Speaking to this publication, the minister of roads and bridges said the shooting is totally regrettable and urged R and U engineering company to remain calm and continue working.

“We urge the R and U engineering company to remain calm and continue with their usual work as government continues to pursue the matter and apprehend the criminals who killed Mr Thomas Iziya Isaac,” the minister said.

The minister revealed that despite the unfortunate incident, the construction work is proceeding because the government has beefed up security by making serious deployment of security personnel and interceded for cooperation from the surrounding community.

The minister tagged his hope on the swift response of the Monyiemiji to speed up the investigation process of this case.

Torti county commissioner Jacob Attari on his side expressed sadness over the killing of the road worker and described the wrongdoers as anti-peace and development.

“These are not people who can listen to Haforiere and Hiyalla, they do not respect government policies just like Oguruny and Iloli, these villages became notorious despite the fact that they vowed to live in peace, maybe some people are misinforming them,” he said

This is the second time road workers are being assaulted along Torit Hiyalla road following last year’s incident in which an armed man who has since been convicted and now serving a jail term in Torit robbed a vehicle belong to the same company.

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