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Green Energy: China-Europe-Africa forum kicks off in Zhejiang Province


In the face of climate change and fuel shortages, low-carbon and sustainable development has become the consensus of the international community. In response, in Zhejiang’s capital city of Hangzhou, a forum is underway on the development of green energy among representatives from China, Europe and Africa. Wang Siwen has more.

Promoting the mutual development of green energy.

Over 100 experts, dignitaries and intellectuals from China, Europe, and Africa, gathered in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou to discuss the potential roadmap for tackling climate change, green finance, and carbon neutrality.

In China, the government is working toward peaking CO2 emissions before 2030 and becoming carbon-neutral before 2060.

Experts at the event say cooperation, consistency and consensus are key to building an economy powered by green energy.

SIYABONGA CWELE South African Ambassador to China “We have got a large amount of platinum. Platinum is key in green hydrogen. Green hydrogen complements the solar and wind. They increase the penetration, particularly in far flung areas and rural areas. So those are the things we hope that companies shared, who have got affordable modern technologies, can cooperate with our countries in Africa, not only in South Africa, but all the countries in Africa so that we can also be involved in this energy transition.”

Governments are also relying on the private sector, as energy-intensive enterprises will have an impact on transition efforts.

German engineering and tech company Bosch says it has a goal to build 4,000 hydrogen refilling stations by 2030.

YANG CHUAN Vice President, Bosch Corporate Commercial (Asia-Pacific) “On one hand, we are combining short, mid-, and long-term goals by reducing our current consumption of fossil fuels. On the other hand, we are cultivating new technologies for hydrogen energy in the future. We are doing these things simultaneously. So, I personally think that German companies can contribute a lot to the Chinese market.”

Some Chinese companies at the event also showcased their latest projects, such as a fishing-solar complementary power project and integrated photovoltaic as a one-stop solution for residential rooftops.

WANG SIWEN Zhejiang Province “With COP-27 coming up in November, experts say it’s crucial for countries to work together on building green infrastructure to facilitate sustainable development worldwide. WSW, CGTN, ZJ PROVINCE.”

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