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South Sudan’s Ministry Of Roads Appreciates Juba-Bor Highway Construction

Simon Mijok Mijak the National Minister of Road and Bridges (Filed Photo)

By John Agok

The National Ministry of Road and Bridges in conjunction with African Resource Construction Company dubbed (ARC) on Wednesday applauded the engineers constructing Juba –Bor Highway via Magalla.

Simon Mijok Mijak the Ministry’s main character and Kyi Win ARC Managing Director expressed excitements upon their visitation to the site at Magalla on Wednesday.

Mr. Mijok revealed that the purpose of touring the construction site is to determine the progress so far made and also to share experience with the engineers.

“Today I, director of ARC and director for roads and bridges have made an important visit to Juba-Bor road to see the progress of the work,” said the minister. 

Mijok said the road construction work is now at 120 kilometers at Magalla but the road formation, embankment and the layers are all upto Bor at 190 kilometers.

“I am pleased on behalf of the ministry of Road and bridges for the tremendous job implemented by the ministry through the contractors and I must thank them for their hard work and dedication. They have brought huge machineries in the country which is another liberation for development” he added.

Kyi Win ARC Managing director disclosed that they contracted other engineers from different countries to supplement the work of the other workers from within South Sudan but the potholes and the road cracks are impeding their work.

“We have stopped at the cracks at mangalla, our machineries are being operated by South Sudanese national and other partners from Thailand and India who are all here to contribute to the development of South Sudan”, he said.

The ARC director also commended the engineers and all other workers participating in the construction for their contribution to the project.

“I recognize the engineers for having built the one carriage way upto Magalla and we are now running faster towards Bor. The distance is not as bad as it used to be since it’s just 1:30 hours or at most two hours to and fro,” he concluded.

The president of the republic of South Sudan Kiir Mayardit once, mentioned in parliament that he drove by land to Bor and came back the same day to Juba.

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