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South Sudanese politicians not patriotic: activist

Edmund Yakani the Executive Director for CEPO (File Photo)

By John Agok

A civil society activist has counseled political elites to maximize Nationalism and
Patriotism while minimizing selfish political interest through tribal division.
Mr. Edimond Yakani also the Director of Community Empowerment Organisation
(CEPO), expressed this during Bakhita Radio talk show on the topic; the fate of R-
ARCSS with only five Months remaining to the end of a transitional period which
is already attracting talks of possible extension.
He said that, key milestones such as Setting up transitional justice, establishing
political Council, clear electoral laws and key legislation provisions still stand to
be reached so as to lift up peace accord from collapse.
“Our political elites have to embrace Patriotism and Nationalism and refrain from
tribal division to win power for themselves. They should develop political
discipline and reach key milestones to salvage peace accord from collapse.” He

Yakani deplored continuous inter-communal violence across the Country claiming
the lives of innocent civilians and called on government to give chance to National
Security Experts to implement Chapter two of the R-ARCSS.
“We don’t need security experts from outside the Country to implement Chapter
two since we have our national security experts and professional to transform our
security sector. All we need is resources to transform the Security of our Country,”
he emphasized.
Mr.Yakaini also advised for establishment of Mechanism set up by Presidency
with sufficient finances and logistical support to speed up graduation of Unified
Forces in the Country.
With only five months remaining to the end of the peace deal signed in 2018, the
implementation has been not in full in all chapters.
Last week President Kiir jetted to Uganda for a Ministerial Meeting on Climate
Change and on the sideline, he had a solo meeting with president Museveni of
Uganda to consult him about the roadmap for extension of the transitional period.

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