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Workers Trade Union of South Sudan call for Unity in oil sector

Workers` Trade Union Federation of Sudan South (SSWTF) have called for unity and payment of subscription by members in the oil sector in order to implement a unified Human Resources Policy and review the constitutional amendment.

The chairperson of the Worker`s Trade Union of Petroleum and Mining Mr. Dut Baak Wol said, since the formation of the Union; there has never been monthly subscription from members and directed it to be executed straightaway.

“South Sudan Workers` Trade Union Federation (SSWTF) leadership directs all sub-offices of the Workers` Trade Union of Petroleum and Mining from the month of July 2022 to deduct monthly subscriptions from members since this has never been done”. He directed.

He added that earlier this year, the Union welcomed the government’s directives to oil operators to implement the Unified Human Resource Policy Manual.

He appended that, in February this year, the Ministry of Petroleum signed a deal to harmonize and implement a unified human resource policy manual after years of intermittent tools laydown by workers who protested in what they designated as discriminating pay between local and foreign workers doing the same work.

The joint operating companies in South Sudan’s oil sector comprise of DAR Petroleum Operating Company (DPOC), Greater Pioneer Operating Company (GPOC), and Sudd Petroleum Operating Company (SPOC) which Minister Puot Kang Chuol said had taken a while to come up with an agreeable consensus and thanked the partners for signing the policy manual.

The petroleum minister also revealed that the implementation of the unified human resource policy manual divided the partners in the sector since December 2020 asserting that it is good that they have now agreed to implement it.

Puot who believes, there is no looser in this agreement opined for increase in production so that the people of South Sudan and their partners can benefit heavily from this arrangement.

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