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Majority of R-ARCSS signatories not eligible for elections- SPLM Secretary General.

Peter Lam Both, Interim Secretary General of the SPLM speaking on Friday at the SPLM party head office ahead of independence celebration.

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement party (SPLM) Interim Secretary-General Peter Lam Both has indicated that most of the signatories to R-ARCSS are not suitable for elections.

While delivering his Independence Day message today Lam said a party should have at least 5000 members in at least 8 different states and Administrative Areas in order to qualify to be registered as a national party with eligibility to compete in an election which he says most signatories to R-ARCSS do not have.

“You should know that most signatories to the R-ARCSS are not qualified for an election, they say that nothing has been implemented, and yet they are sitting on their government seats disowning Bills which they presided over, made amendments to and was passed with their own persuasion” He continued.

 Mister Lam added that SPLM is stronger now than yesterday because, since they launch of the SPLM renaissance mission in March this year, they have registered 4.5 million members across the states with the exception of some counties where SPLM-IO commanders were not informed that they are at peace in Juba hence denying them a chance to organize in such areas even if they allow SPLM-IO elements to enjoy peace in the areas they control. 

 About the boycott in parliament, he says it is all because of the confusion created by National Constitutional Amendment Committee (NCAC) which believes that it is a law-making body in South Sudan in that, they believe that what they propose cannot be altered by Parliament or anyone in the Government of South Sudan.

He claims that the misinterpretation of the term “adopt” in the agreement by these people is not a problem of South Sudan emphasizing that, the National Legislature is the law-making body of the country that is why the NCAC is not just taking their Bills directly to the President for him to assent.

He blamed some of the parties to the agreement for calling for extension without justification and advised that if extension is needed then it should be based on credible grounds not blanket statements such as like lack of political will, poor implementation of the agreement and lack of political space. 

Mr.Lam also gesticulated that the position of SPLM is prevention  of hostilities  and granting of constitutional right to south Sudanese so that they can elect their own leaders because they are tired of unending rebellion and  transitional government whom he says serves own interest not that of South Sudanese.

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