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Lobong reiterates need to regulate pastoral movements

Lobong reiterates need to regulate pastoral movements
Officials in a group photo after the meeting in Torit on 15th June 2022. [Photo: Kabaka Quintous Leone]

The governor of Eastern Equatoria State Louis Lobong has reiterated his call on the national members of parliament to urgently make laws governing the movement of cattle to avoid pastoral-related conflicts in the country.

Lobong was speaking during the meeting on IGAD protocol on transhumance under the theme of ratification and domestication in South Sudan in Torit on Wednesday.

The meeting was attended by national members of parliament, the line ministries and the media.

The two-day meeting will update IGAD protocol on transhumance, existing legislation and policies governing pastoralism in South Sudan and implementation structures and strategies.

Governor Lobong said there are no laws regulating cattle movement in the country leading to rampant pastoral conflicts

“What creates the fear of the unknown is simply because there is no law and because these cattle keepers are very unruly, they cause problems, they move anyhow but if there is a law such fear could have not been there. You the parliamentarians must enact the law. The fact is that we need food and we cannot depend on milk alone or livestock. We also need livestock that is what will make our county very rich,” he added.

“This meeting will help us and the region. These animals must be regulated. The livestock in Sudan depends entirely on South Sudan. Welcome to EES, the historical sites, our town is peaceful and if you don’t enjoy Torit it is of your own making. Am asking IGAD to schedule all conferences in EES,” Lobong teased.  

The Head of Mission of IGAD to south Sudan Mohamed Elduma on his part said the meeting is the first of its kind to create awareness among the members of parliament who are the sole representatives of their people and will later disseminate the message to their communities.

“I would like to thank Governor Lobong and his people for hosting us on behalf of IGAD. Am happy that IGAD has upgraded its office to a mission. The mission now is facilitating all IGAD activities in South Sudan, we work on peace and security, supporting the implementation of the peace agreement. 

“IGAD is working on regional integration in the region and this is the first agenda of the IGAD since its establishment. We have an economic operation and social development so the office tries to diversify activities organized in South Sudan to domesticate national action on transmission,” he added.

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