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Rumbek reeling from high food prices, fuel shortage

Rumbek reeling from high food prices, fuel shortage
People queue at one of the fuel stations in Rumbek [File photo]

Rumbek town of Lakes State has recently been hit by fuel shortages and soaring food prices revealed officials on Tuesday.

William Koji Kirjok, the caretaker state minister of information blamed the economic situation on the recent appreciation of the U.S dollar against the South Sudanese Pounds.

 “Lakes State is currently experiencing fuel crisis, prices of commodities have increased including fuel and other commodities in the market,” Koji told The Juba Echo by phone.

The U.S dollar is currently exchanging at nearly 50 with the SSP a sharp rise from the previous 43 SSP.

However, Koji has cautioned traders against hiking the prices of food items bought when the exchange rate was still low.

“Some of these food items have been there when the dollar rate was down and there is no need of increasing everything in the current situation,” he said.

Fuel prices in Rumbek increased from 650 to 750 SSP per litre causing long queues of motorists at the four functioning fuel stations in the town.

Most fuel stations in the town are soon running out of fuel in their depots.

Koji said fuel trucks have been delayed on the roads due to heavy rains that have made roads impassable.

He also said he was aware of the moves by fuel station owners to shut down businesses and resort to hoarding fuel on the black market.

“The government can’t allow traders to sell (fuel) as they wish,” Koji said.

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