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Ram arrested after killing 40-year-old woman

Ram arrested after killing 40-year-old woman

Authorities in Rumbek East County of Lakes State have apprehended a violent ram that killed a 40-year-old woman Friday.

The county police confirmed that the ram that belongs to the neighbour of the victim was in custody pending investigations. The authorities said after the funeral the case will be handed to court for the ruling.

Mabor Makuac, the Spokesperson of Police in Lake State said the woman was sitting down while the male sheep roamed around her. She was attacked by the domestic animal after she decided to get up, leaving the unidentified woman with broken ribs. He said the case will be taken to court despite legal complexities.

“Our role as police is to provide safety and separate a fight. This case will be taken to court and we know that such incidents are not written in the laws of South Sudan these incidents do happen in our communities and the way that they are solved is through customary law. The funeral case will be taken to customary law to see how they were solved in the past by Jieng,” said Makuac.

“The family of the victim hasn’t said anything because they also understand it’s not the first time for animals or cattle to kill a person and it’s not what the owner of the animal intended,” he added.

Mabor added that “after mourning and funeral the case will be taken to the court as we all know that Monyjieng (Dinka) keep cattle and animals and such incidents occur more often and they know how to handle these matters.”

However, Chol Ateny, the lawyer in Jonglei State said such cases are rear and no lawyer has tried it in the state.

“In some countries like Uganda and Kenya if your animal kills another you are responsible for the victim legally,” said Chol.

Ateny added that it was the responsibility of the owner of the animals to ensure that they kept away from harming people.

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