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Juba residents decry lack of money after festivities

Tapeng Michael Ohure

Money is generally done after Christmas and the new year celebrations. It is now more than a week since the world entered into both Christmas and new year. Most people had shopped double for both Christmass and new year hence finishing all their savings. South Sudan, like other countries, cherishes the two events more than any other celebrations every year.Juba resident Tuna Fraizer says prices of basic food commodities have become high in the first month of the year 2022.”In December last year,  prices in the market were a little bit low even though I spent a lot of money. But now in January prices are high in the market, and I don’t know why and there is no money,” she wondered.Juba resident Peter John says he is worried how he will manage the situation up to the end of the month  when he will expect her salaries.”There is no money, people are now suffering. We are here working but the salaries will come by the end of this January. But the problem now is there is no money, people are suffering and hungry at the same time,” says John.Another Juba resident Emma Kwaje says she had saved something to help in the new year 2022.”I did not spend more money on buying clothes because other things are not necessary, we decided to buy a few things for our siblings because we knew that schools are going to be opening and there are still going to be other things to be done,” Kwaje said.Most families have already started experiencing economic difficulties as the year 2022 begins with turbulence. Most families say all they had last year got finished during the festivities.

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