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South Sudan parliament releases list of specialised committees’ chairpersons and deputies

By Ruot George South Sudan parliament has released a list of 27 chairpersons and 26 deputies of the specialised committees.
The list announced by speaker Nunu Kumba comprises of representatives from SPLM – IG and SPLM – IO.
The South Sudan opposition alliance – SSOA, Other Political Parties – OPP and Former Dettainees missed out in the list.According to the conduct of business in parliamentary operation, the chairperson of a specialised committee is more senior to the national minister, meaning the minister can be questioned and summoned by the chairperson of the specialised committee for a particular ministry.
Below is the full lists of the newly appointed chairpersons and their deputies. The ChairpersonsHonorable Simon Kun Puoch – Chairperson for National Security and Public OrderHonorable Ann Lino Abyei – Chairperson for LaborHonorable Justin Joseph Marona – Chairperson for Public Service and Human Resources DevelopmentHonorable Dr. James Mabor – Chairperson for Legislation and JusticeHonorable John Agany Deng – Chairperson for Information, Communication, Technology, and Postal ServiceHonorable Wiw Kuon – Chairperson for Public AccountHonorable Akuar Gamer Ujeth – Chairperson for Human Rights and Humanitarian AffairsHonorable Joseph Malual Dong – Chairperson for Foreign Affairs, and International CooperationHonorable James Luak Kuek – Chairperson for PetroleumHonorable Ramadan Laku – Chairperson for MiningHonorable Morad Miseka – Chairperson for InvestmentHonorable Augustino Mathok Tuach – Chairperson for Agriculture, and Food SecurityHonorable Nhial Bol Aken – Chairperson for Livestock and FisheryHonorable Lily Kiden Alizai – Chairperson for Gender, Child, Social Welfare, and Religious AffairsHonorable Gai Mayian Luk – Chairperson for Youth and SportsHonorable Abuk Payit Ayik – Chairperson for HealthHonorable Zacharia Matur – Chairperson for Higher Education and TechnologyHonorable Sandra Bona Malual – Chairperson for General Education and InstructionHonorable Jacqueline Ladu – Chairperson for Land and Physical InfrastructuresHonorable Banguot Amum Okech – Chairperson for Water ResourcesHonorable Malek Kuok Dwach – Chairperson for Federal AffairsHonorable James Reath Gony – Chairperson for Government Assurant, Monitoring, Follow-up and EvaluationHonorable Ache Bari Wanji – Chairperson for Regional Integrations on East African AffairsHonorable Gloria Pilmone – Chairperson for TransportHonorable Hellen Nyaidok Lokurnyang –Chairperson for Environment and ForestryHonorable Beatrice Aber Samson – Chairperson for Roads and BridgesHonorable Deng Tiel Ayuel – Chairperson for Legislative
Deputy Chairpersons
Honorable Angelo Lochinga Lotabo, Deputy Chairperson for Defense and Veteran AffairsHonorable Mary Yerfus, deputy Chairperson for Finance and PlanningHonorable Angelina Aluel Nyawilo, Deputy Chairperson for LaborHonorable Majok Dau Cholek, Deputy Chairperson for Public service and Human Resource DevelopmentHonorable George Andrea, Deputy Chairperson for Legislation and JusticeHonorable Alier Samuel Ateny, Deputy Chairperson for Members Affairs, Ethics and IntegrityHonorable Martin Odwar Lonuha, Deputy Chairperson for Public Account.Honorable Regina Aluel Garang, Deputy Chairperson for Human Rights and Humanitarian AffairsHonorable Rebecca Tuet Akuei, Deputy Chairperson for Foreign Affairs and International CooperationHonorable Paul Baba, Deputy Chairperson for Trade, Industry and InvestmentHonorable Theresa Gabriel Gatkuoth, Deputy Chairperson for InvestmentHonorable Fadu Achuei Deng, Deputy Chairperson for Constitutional Development FundsHonorable Asha Abbas, Deputy Chairperson for Livestock and FisheriesHonorable Nyayang Lok Riak, Deputy Chairperson for Youth and SportsHonorable Jorget Lat Mading, Deputy Chairperson for Culture, Museum and National HeritageHonorable Edward Domic, Deputy Chairperson for HealthHonorable Ambrose Lomin, Deputy Chairperson for Higher Education, Science and TechnologyHonorable Rose Adau Deng, Deputy Chairperson for General Education and InstructionHonorable Jacob Dau Kuoth, Deputy Chairperson for Land and Physical InfrastructuresHonorable Akuot Chan Kawach, Deputy Chairperson for Peace and ReconciliationHonorable Matata Frank, Deputy Chairperson for Government Assurant, Monitoring, Follow-ups and EvaluationsHonorable Monyluak Gudi Ayom, Deputy Chairperson for TransportHonorable Abuk Malual Aken, Deputy Chairperson for Energy and DamsHonorable Tongun Lado Rombek, Deputy Chairperson for Wildlife Conservation and TourismHonorable Nyaboth Rambang, Deputy Chairperson for Environment and ForestryHonorable Dawud Juma Ecco, Deputy Chairperson for Roads and Bridges

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