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The China I rarely dreamed of has become my favorite second home

By Sadia James Sebit

Being in China as a graduate student for master’s studies at Tsinghua University batch 2017 to 2019 has been one of the most enjoyable worth moment of studies and staying. During the period, I had great opportunity of networking with colleagues from different part of the world and all work of life, meeting friends and venturing into different avenues of life. I experienced multi-cultural sense of community among us students and church members in the Beijing international Christians fellowship, the church I was attending to.

Getting to know China in different perspectives: Having paid visits to provinces like Xi’an, Shaanxi, hubei, Henan, Guandong and their cities Shanghai city, Nanchang city, Luoyang city, Tangshan city, Guangzhou gave me an inside clue of taking into consideration that Beijing city alone does not reflect the whole of China as had always been said by most of our professors. It is worth noted that upon our visit to Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center and Shanghai World Financial Centre we experienced a complete urban- technological city with systematic approach to service delivery, and with more international residents and visitors. Comparing living standard of Beijing and Shanghai are much similar unlike to other cities’ provinces I visited like Nanchang, Tangshan, Luoyang city and Guangzhou

Having attended the School of Public Policy and Management, I got so inspired by the motto of the department “Self-Discipline and Social Responsibility” this motto has a deep reflection in my life journey which driven me with concern of “what are we giving back to our communities and what it is that we are doing to better our communities”. Having experienced and viewed the development of some provinces in China, made me believed that China is where it is, because its leaders and ordinary citizen took it upon themselves the responsibility to develop china into a country they desired/long for.

Therefore, my experience reflected on so many developmental and cultural things; it has really drawn my attention in questioning the hard work of Chinese people and the effectiveness of CPC in fostering development with political, economic and social stability in China.

As of my tour around China; I indeed noted that for a country or city to be enjoyable by its citizen the city or the country must have to work hard in developing its infrastructure, economic and maintenance of social order and political stability.

There is no doubt that, China is demonstrating to the world its hard-working norm through the infrastructural and technological development.


Establishment of Confucianism institute/centre: establishing Confucianism institute/centre within pubic universities like in other African countries could help in promoting between the two countries, because it could offer an opportunity for some South Sudanese citizens who are interested in learning more things about China as well Chinese Language, but couldn’t the access to go to China physically. it would help them in that regard.

Universities’ exchange programs: Exchange programs for universities- to universities visit would be of great exposure to professors, lecturers and students in South Sudan and China to exchange ideas and familiarise with each other environment of teaching system and culture, hence would foster great relationship between China and South Sudan University institutions.

Tightening trade relationship: trade relationship between China and South Sudan needs to be tighten for mutual benefit of the two Countries. For example, establishing of more shipping companies that can ship goods directly to South Sudan and establishing branches/ liaising offices of big Chinese oversea companies in South Sudan. Therefore, this would help in creation of employment to local South Sudanese and hence would strengthen the relationship.

Technological transfer: as China is so advanced in technology, it would be of great help if can it share its technological experience of advancing services to enhancing South Sudan institutions to deliver better service in different aspect of life. China being successful in implementing electronic government (E Government) could help South Sudan as a young nation to establish electronic system of Government to run service effectively. This in turn would help South Sudan to have an accountable and transparent system in place.

Cultural activities and Programs: hosting cultural activities in both countries through organizing exhibition of cultural attire and Performance; for example, organizing a yearly cultural Chinese event day in South Sudan as well South Sudanese yearly Cultural event day in China. And also, short informal cultural programs can be organized by the Chinese society in South Sudan as well South Sudan Society in Society in China like in form of Cultural night /evening for Chinese traditional food and attire as well South Sudan night/evening for traditional food and attire.

Promote more scholarship opportunities to South Sudanese Youth: Increasing more scholarship opportunities to South Sudanese youth could help in strengthening the bilateral relationship between the two countries. Hence having more South Sudanese student into Chinese Universities would give them opportunity of having to learn Chinese languages and familiarized themselves with Chinese Culture and environment.

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