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Poor road limits communication between South Sudan town and hinterlands

File photo of a poor road in South Sudan

By Michael Tapeng

The road linking Lafon County in South Sudan’s Eastern Equatoria with the State capital is impassable due to its dilapidated nature, and it has been so for ages, limiting communication between Torit and surrounding areas.

Communities in Lafon are demanding the State reins in and construct the road which is limiting ease of movement across five areas including Loronyo, Loudo, Lopit and Lafon to Torit town.

Community members have rued the state of the road when trying to reach Torit, especially in emergencies like ill-health.

According to them, several request to the State government has fallen on deaf ears.

“We want the government to help us by constructing this road so that we can end the suffering of our people,” the chief of Lafon, Oba Wilson said in an interview.

“If the government is really there, let them come and help us.”

A youth leader in Lafon, John Okuk, the road has been in the poor state since before South Sudan got independence.

Self-rule hasn’t changed the situation, Okuk said.

“Since 2005 up to today, there was no good road to connect Lafon to Torit. The people of Lafon are still waiting for the government to respond to our pleas,” he said.

“The situation of the road was not the way it is now because it has worsened now due to heavy rain and floods.”

With heavy rains ongoing, the Lafon-Torit road cannot be accessed by vehicles except for a tractor.

Currently, Lafon-Torit road is impassable by vehicles.

Other community members hit the 74 kilometres stretch from Lafon to Torit on foot.

John Achuidi, from Lafon urged for a rehabilitation on the road.

“Now we are wishing the government to initiate the construction of the road from Torit to Loudo and Loronyo, Lopit up to Lafon Centre so that these people are connected,” Achuidi said.

Achuidi said it will help to save lives of sick people who would need emergency treatment in Torit.

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