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Why do some personalities hate peace in South Sudan?

A response to enemies of peace who wrongly termed peace between Gen. Salva Mathok Gengdit (L) and Gen. Akol Koor Kuch

By Mariak Madut Thiik Riiny

Peace is the only solution to South Sudan’s problems including economic hardships and all kinds of violence among others. In South Sudan, almost 70% of politicians have problems among themselves and the causes are little issues that can simply be handled. We all know that there are no benefits of hatred and violence, these cannot lead our country to the next level that our next generation will enjoy and appreciate. We need peace in South Sudan and that should begin with our leaders who have problems among themselves. If our elders/leaders reconcile, our youths who have been divided will be brought together by our elders and leaders. Unfortunately, the enemies of peace and progress do not want the existence of peace in South Sudan as well as among its people. They object to the nation, tribal, inter-communal and personal conflicts because they benefit from such conflicts.

Last week, two veterans and politicians at the same time, Gen. Salva Mathok Gengdit and Gen. Akol Koor Kuch had a meeting concerning their political differences that took them 7 years, and reconciled. They traced out that there were no clear reasons that caused their political differences. To the peace lovers, it’s a bold decision ever, it’s good news to the SPLM party and the country at large because both leaders are members of the SPLM party under the leadership of Comrade Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of the Republic of South Sudan. Their peace is one of the best examples that all the leaders who have political differences should take and be solving their differences alone without rebelling against the government. We wish all the leaders in South Sudan to solve all their differences and focus on the developmental projects by providing Infrastructure, Health Centres, Schools among others. If all people rallying behind the President of the Republic of South Sudan are reconciled, they will have the spirit of working together (cooperation) and that’s where the foundation of development begins.

Money cannot buy peace

The allegations wrote by Nyin Baai regarding the peace between the two leaders is a pure lie, bias and unfounded. Both Gen. Salva Mathok Gengdit and Gen. Akol Koor Kuch are important, renowned and respected persons in this country. Their peace was not of interest as termed by many people, it’s a way forward for the stability of this nation. Gen. Akol Koor Kuch is a mere soldier who doesn’t pay people to reconcile with them. Besides, Gen. Salva Mathok Gengdit isn’t the kind of person that can be paid for peace, no matter what. Also, the truth remains that peace has never been received in exchange for money. It comes as a result of a clear conscience and a good heart. Those who accept peace are pure-hearted humans, congratulations to Gen. Salva Mathok Gengdit and Gen. Akol Koor Kuch.

On the other hand, I don’t believe that Gen. Akol has plans to lead a coup against President Kiir as alleged by Nyin Baai and many others. People had been writing about this since 2017 and it has not happened. This means that enemies of peace are the ones playing their dirty game to knock their heads and that will never happen. President Kiir will remain peaceful with those whom he trusted and those loyal to him so that they take South Sudan to the next level.

Lastly, the public should disregard all the allegations stated against Gen. Salva Mathok Gengdit and Gen. Akol Koor Kuch, regarding their recent dialogue. Enemies of peace and progress are always against such initiatives taken by the two veterans.

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