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South Sudan Revenue Authority Launches E-Tax System

Photo shows Albino Chol (R) NRA Commissioner of Domestic Tax Division and his Ajang Ajang Lino (L)

By Awan Achiek

The National Revenue Authority (NRA) on Wednesday launched E-tax payment system that will allow public and private institutions to pay their taxes online.

The E-tax system aims at accelerating the modernization and automation of tax collection, in addition to gathering additional data tax payers in the country, according to Albino Chol, NRA Commissioner of Domestic Tax Division.

 “The E-tax system is efficient and it is going to close all leakages that occurred, we are improving the collection of taxes as we close the windows of leakages,” Chol told journalists in Juba during the launch of the system.

 He disclosed that E-tax system will enable taxpayers to pay their dues electronically for the first time as they move away from the previous manual system of tax payment.

“Everything will be done electronically and there will be a connection between the states and Juba to allow taxpayers to still apply outside Juba,” said Chol.

He revealed that that NRA has trained a good number of it’s staff to run the system.

“We have to be prepared in terms of electricity as well as in terms of electronic equipment they are not available in the states but they have to be provided in order for this E-tax system to be successful,” said Chol.

Ajang Ajang Lino, Deputy Commissioner of Domestic Tax Division said that the manual system will be phased out in a gradual manner.

“We would like to inform you that it is mandatory to use the E-tax platform effective from 1st July 2021 for declaring and filing returns, paying taxes or accessing other tax-related services or obtaining tax clearance certificate,” said Ajang.

Ajang said that they are using the strongest available security features and technology to ensure safety of privacy and money of taxpayers.

“We have set precautions that will be very difficult to hoax your account. When you are registering you will provide all details such as your email and phone number, and you will be given a one-time password to safeguard details,” he said.

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