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South Sudan’s government shocked by renewal of arms embargo

By Staff Writer
South Sudan’s government says it’s shocked, dismayed and surprised by renewed of the arms embargo and the targeted sanctions on the Republic of South Sudan for another year by the United Nations Security Council in its Resolution No. 2577 adopted on Friday 28‘” May 2021 .
Amb. Thomas Kenneth Elisapana , the Acting spokesperson in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation is calling on the international community to ‘review’ the restrictions.
“This punitive measure undermines the sovereignty of South Sudan, jeopardises the implementation of the Revitalized Agreement on Resolution of the Conflicts in the Republic of South Sudan.” Said Amb. Thomas Kenneth Elisapana.
“By extending arms embargo, graduation of the National Unified Forces (NUF) will greatly be negatively affected, and will eventually weaken South Sudan socially, economically, politically and in any unprecedented aggression internally or externally.”Added Amb. Elisapana
The UNSC resolution implies prohibition of the supply, sales, transfer of weapons as well as provision of technical assistance, training and other military supports to South Sudan. The targeted sanctions entail travel bans and finance/assets freeze for individuals and entities.
“If the international Community really needs improvement of the situation in South Sudan to the better as it alleges, then the Government thinks this is the right time for lifting the sanction.” Amb. Elisapana
He said that lifting the sanctions would clear the image of the country and would accord it great opportunity to start acting once again with the partners for the wellbeing of South Sudanese people.
The UN Security Council voted to extend the sanction regime for a year despite resistance from two countries— India and Kenya that absented from the vote.
The Security Council first slapped an arms embargo on South Sudan in 2018 which has since been renewed several times.
The arms embargo empowers all UN Member States to prevent arms and related equipment of all types – including weapons and ammunition, military vehicles and equipment, paramilitary equipment, and any spare parts – from entering South Sudan.
Friday’s resolution renews the arms embargo until 31 May 2022 when a new vote is expected.

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